Tiger Woods still making money like it’s going out of fashion


tiger-woods-dubai-money“Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together?” Well we can safely say that’s not something that’s come into the former world number one golfer, Tiger Woods’ head very much over the past 18 months or so. A loss in form, coinciding with a split with his wife has recently been met with another blip in the shape of a golf course in Dubai.

Although that earlier phrase may seem very appropriate indeed such is today’s news about that very course in the Arab Emirate.

Stories have surfaced that Woods was been paid more than $50m for his work on and around the Dubai course that was to bear his name. We’re fairly sure the work didn’t involved him actually digging bunkers but such is the mess his life now is, this wouldn’t surprise us whatsoever.

The latest deal, thought to be with property developer Tatweer, was given to Woods in August 2008 guaranteeing him an initial $26.1m and another $14.5m for an appearance at the resort ten days later. In addition $28.8m was promised to the world number three if he designed them another golf course in future, something that now looks as though it won’t be happening.

The final part of the deal was subject to him giving up the right to own a property in the development, which counts out any dirty weekends away in Dubai he had planned for his new bevy of beauties. Although one of those holes he dug might be just the ticket.