Super Bowl entertainment riddled with humor as Packers win

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christina-aguilera-fluffs-linesIt’s in the books. The Green Bay Packers won their fourth Super Bowl thanks to a first half to forget for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and a molestation suspect was denied his third Lombardi trophy. It also proved the myth that the city with the lowest unemployment figures was the winner. Aside from the result and the subsequent naming of Aaron Rodgers as MVP there was a lot more to look out for – and we’re not just talking about those commercials.

Anyone who actually thought they wanted to watch the Super Bowl half time show, which for the first time in years featured an act under the age of 50, might have wondered why they had done so after a matter of seconds.

There was definitely something about it that meant you couldn’t take your eyes off the screen as the Black Eyed Peas and friends showed us their own version of drunk people do karaoke. As we said though – you couldn’t really take your eyes off it. Last time we had a “youthful” act was the infamous nipple slip. Was this the NFL looking to open up to a new market?

Before the action had begun though we had yet another of American’s pop fraternity performing the Star Spangled Banner, as “What so proudly we watched at the twilight’s last reaming,” was Christina Aguilera making a right pigs ear of it all. We might have even made a hash of that line too, but we’re only going on Christina’s premise!

If you dig deeper into this apparent mistake by Miss Aguilera she came in just under the betting total so did she insert this line as she actually had a bet on herself?

Well it certainly makes it a bit more interesting for the woman that has sung the anthem so many times she’s probably as sick of that as we are of the NFL’s celebration rules.


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