SPORTS Posts Bodog’s Super Bowl Odds

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The Super Bowl is the NFL’s shining moment every year. Every year they put on the greatest spectacle in sports, the winner of which is crowned in all their glory as the greatest football team in the world. Fans go crazy, people take out second mortgages on their houses to be in attendance, some probably sell their children, and of course, millions of others bet on anything and everything Super Bowl related.

It’s interesting then that the NFL traditionally has taken a hard line stance against the gaming the industry. Historically, the NFL has ignored the gaming industry like a red-headed orphan or like that stalker that keep messaging you on FB.

In 2011, something changed. This year, the NFL flipped the script and threw everyone for a loop. The NFL has repeatedly stated that sportsbetting and online gambling and the NFL will never go hand in hand. But apparently, that doesn’t mean they can’t share the same website.

You can be shocked, you can be surprised, you can believe whatever you like, but the fact is had Bodog’s Super Bowl odds up on their website for a little while. I don’t want to know what happened to guy responsible for it, and quite frankly, it’s not my concern. What is rather interesting is how the NFL chose Bodog to be the first NFL endorsed Sportsbook.

Now, seeing is believing, so check the screenshot if you think I’m hopped up on 8ball.

NFL com Showing Bodog Odds

Jokes aside, it’s not the first time Bodog has made it’s appearance on the world’s biggest sporting stage, the Super Bowl.

Some of you may remember when Billy Joel was about to sing the national anthem for the Super Bowl, and a reporter referred to the buzz surrounding a Bodog prop, and asked the singer if he planned to do a slow or fast rendition of the national anthem.

Joel’s response was classic, he refused to answer the question with any certainty, eluding to the fact that he just may have placed a bet of his own on himself. Now that’s brilliant.

This year, that same famous prop on the length of the national anthem is once again available and once again it’s among the favorites for bettors to wager on. The difference this time is the beautiful diva Christina Aguilera will be the singer on the clock.


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