Bookies gear up for mammoth sporting weekend

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massive-sporting-weekendWhen Fernando Torres decided that he was to swap Merseyside for South West London he can’t have imagined that it would create what must be one of the biggest weekends in recent sporting history. It could be made even bigger if they decide time is ripe for Gary Neville to renew hostilities with the first celebrity Liverpudlian who steps up to the plate. This is rather unlikely though.

With rugby union, soccer, and football seeing defining moments in their respective championship this weekend the bookies will be quivering at what might be the outcome.

It all kicks off tonight when those who shun football as “rugby for wimps” get their fix of non-padded sweaty, muddy men rolling around in the dirt as Wales take on England. A new gimmick for the Six Nations is them taking place on Friday night and StanJames in particular are putting up a number of markets on the egg chasing action this weekend.

The online sports book are offering 8/1 on all handicap trebles this weekend for any punter that wants to take them up on it.

Spokesperson Garry McGibbon said: “With the Six Nations getting underway on Friday evening with a potentially explosive Wales vs England in Cardiff, we thought we’d give punters a firecracker of an offer to kick off the tournament. This generous Six Nations opening weekend offer applies to all 8 different permutations across the three Six Nations fixtures this weekend.”

It goes without saying that most weekends in Premier League soccer are entertaining but this one has an added bite.

After being dubbed a lady boy by Chelsea’s fans for a number of years, former-Liverpool striker Torres has now joined that very same club. His debut is against the club that brought him to English football, Liverpool, and he only has to worry being bitten by Luis Suarez as Andy Carroll is still recovering from his latest night out – it’s a three week long hangover.

Lastly we have the Super Bowl. The big game that over here we can gamble on to our hearts content. If you’re in the US then you will just have to be content with watching the game and drooling over the che…well apparently there aren’t any cheerleaders so Bodog’s cheerleader video will have to suffice.

If you’re still bored after all that lot then we say get yourself a bottle of bourbon and peruse the list of DAFs on the site. They’ll make you laugh if nothing else.


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