Cake Poker attacked by patent troll Scott Lewis of 1st Technology

Gaming Industry - Cake Poker Patent Troll Infamous patent troll Scott Lewis and his misleadingly named 1st Technology outfit have filed a patent infringement case against Cake Gaming NV, the parent company of the Cake Poker Network (a copy of the complaint is viewable below). As in every other case of this nature, the Nevada-based 1st Technology’s suit hinges on alleged infringement of US patent 5,564,001, the ‘Method and System for Interactively Transmitting Information Over A Network Which Requires Reduced Bandwidth.’

In being targeted by 1st Technology, Cake joins a long and illustrious list of online gaming firms that Scott Lewis has previously trolled, including Sportingbet, Orbis, Bodog, Leisure & Gaming PLC, Digital Gaming Solutions SA, Costa Rica International Sports, Action Poker Gaming Enterprises, SBG Global, Playsafe Holding AS, eCom Enterprises and Digital Gaming Network, Ltd.

For the record, Lewis has never been first to invent any technology, let alone implement any technology into anything tangible. We’ll let Trolly McTrollerson himself explain his business model: “Our initial goal here, as in all of our cases, is to reach swift and fair settlements that respect our intellectual property rights for companies with U.S. facing operations.” Cha-ching! will continue to bring you developments on Cake’s specific situation and Lewis’ overall back-alley bullying tactics. In the meantime, everyone in the industry should do what they can to offer Cake what help they can. Lewis and his trolling minions have shown no sign that they are done harassing online gaming companies, so many of you reading this could be next. Ask not for whom the troll tolls, it tolls/trolls for thee…