Super Bowl tickets soaring

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packer fansThe Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers are two historic teams with loyal diehard fans. Both teams sell out their home stadiums regularly and tickets aren’t cheap. Even though Pittsburgh has been voted as one of the most livable cities in the United States, getting tickets to a Steelers game could run you $144 a seat on average. In Green Bay, that average price jumps up to about just over $200 a pop. So what about the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl tickets are among the most coveted tickets for any sporting event period. To many NFL fans, a ticket to the Super Bowl is like finding the Holy Grail, it’s a ticket to a piece of history and the greatest sporting show in the land. This year it’s a chance to see two QB’s on a quest for redemption.

With the Packers and the Steelers in the Super Bowl, prices on everything in Dallas have gone bonkers. Reports vary, but the average price you’re looking at for scoring a ticket to main event is anywhere between $900 to $4000. Keep in mind that by average, I mean very average. If you want good seats or a suite or a box, you’re looking at anywhere from $10K to $100K. Hotel prices will almost double and just about everything in Dallas will be a little pricier, the Super Bowl is a money making machine.

I haven’t even talked about parking. Lots close to the stadium are reportedly charging upwards of $1000 just to park your ride. It sounds ridiculous, but people will pay up. Ask yourself, “what is the best thing about living and Pittsburgh and Green Bay?” It’s football.

If someone tells you they’re from Pittsburgh, you might feel sorry for them. But no one says they’re from Pittsburgh, they say they’re from Steel town, home of the champs. Instant respect. It’s the same in Green Bay. So you can expect these diehard fans to take out second mortgages, loans and sell their children to be in attendance at Super Bowl XLV. Can you really put a price on watching your favorite team win the Super Bowl? You can, it shows up on your MasterCard statement as “priceless.”

Generally, Super Bowl ticket prices go through the roof when economic times improve. So given the rising prices, perhaps it’s safe to say the US economy is on the rise. At least, the big spenders are feeling a little more confident.

As for the rest of us, it’s off to that Super Bowl Party to watch the game in HD, which isn’t all that bad now is it?


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