Sony to release PSP 2 this year

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sony-psp-2Mobile is currently taking the online gambling industry by storm as successfully as the Lord Jesus turned water into wine all those years ago. Thinking about it, given his love for turning water into wine we think he’d be quite the person to have at an industry party. After all, who doesn’t like free wine?!

We’re straying from the real subject though.

Smart devices that you can carry around with you and partake in some online gambling are emerging by the day and the latest non-Apple release could corner a part of the market.

Sony today announced details of the PSP2, which is the latest version of their handheld video game and entertainment system. At a special event in Tokyo they announced that it’s officially called the NGP or Next Generation Portable, and will be released at some point later this year.

As well as allowing users to play Playstation 3 quality games it also features Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity, which may be the most interesting part for people in the online gambling industry.

The video gaming industry may well be getting their asses handed to them by games on smart phones but with an industry leader like Sony still developing devices there’s definitely a future for them. Adding online gambling to the equation can only help their matters even more and players are much more likely to invest in a device that has all the gaming features they need, while also offering gambling facilities.

Smart phones and mobile gaming are the buzz word around the industry right now, and if you can offer everything on a device that player relatively high end games then you’re likely to be on to a winner in the gambling market as well.


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