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ice-seminar-scheduleThe ICE show at the end of January forms an orgy of gaming conferences that will test even the wildest of partygoers to their limits. Usually one industry conference is enough for even the most pickled of livers so two inside under a week, including all the parties that go with, will end in some epic hangover action.

ICE is the first of the two conventions to take place, at London’s Earls Court, from the 25th to 27th of this month, and with 91% pre-sold months in advance, you’d be foolish not to attend.

If the presence of many of the biggest companies in this industry wasn’t enough, the schedule for a number of the free seminars has now been announced.

On the eve of the conference, the gambling industry has been abuzz with news of US states, namely New Jersey and California, seriously considering online gambling regulation of some kind. It’s no surprise that this conference is choosing to focus on this in some detail.

The first seminar will be entitled “Spectrum Gaming Session: Outlook USA: What’s Hot & What’s Not.” The session will look at the current decline happening in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, in addition to why other states are looking at gambling to generate funds. The move by federal and state governments towards the legalization of the “next great prize in global gaming,” Internet gambling in the US, will also be looked at. Speakers in this session will include Joseph Weinert, Senior Vice President, Spectrum Gaming Group, and Jan Jones, Senior Vice President Communications & Government Relations, Caesars Entertainment.

The second session that’s been announced comes under the heading “United States Regulated Intrastate Poker: A view from California and New Jersey.” Speakers, including Bill Pascrell, New Jersey Online Poker Association, and Pierre Wuu, Director of Online, California Online Poker Association (COPA), will look at all aspects of the legalization in these two states as well as how it will impact the rest of the poker industry.

Finally, the third to be announced is the “Spectrum Gaming Session: US Internet Gaming. Answering the Questions, Questioning the Answers.” Specifically this will look at proposals that are on the table and the questions that policymakers are considering. Daniel Walsh, Senior Director of Governmental Affairs in Greenberg Traurig’s Washington, D.C. Office, and Michael Pollock, Managing Director, Spectrum Gaming Group will be the speakers present during this session.

These gatherings will ensure anyone attending is up to speed on the latest in the gaming industry as it moves apace into 2011. Even if you don’t manage to attend ICE, will be there covering the event, and the parties, in the edgy tablog style for which we’re known.


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