International Gaming Expo

International Gaming Expo

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If you’re involved in the gaming industry and are planning to hold an event somewhere in the world, there’s no better place than iGaming’s centre, London. Therefore, as an experienced organizer of iGaming conferences and the entertainment that goes with it, there’s little surprise Clarion events are on-board with this particular expo.

Taking place at London’s Earls Court between 25th and 27th January, it promises to be the world’s only expo that covers the entire world of gaming in all its forms. After attracting industry professionals from 122 sovereign states over the past three years, and 18,676 at the 2010 event, it’s no wonder they make this claim.

The 2011 event is already 91% pre-sold, and with the event marketed for up to six months in advance, attendance will benefit your company a great deal. As far as the structure of the event itself, it consists an exhibitor’s floor as well as a number of seminars, the more important part being the exhibitors’ area.

As an exhibitor, you will gain a number of benefits that would be stupid to miss. Due to it being a show for the entire gaming industry, there’ll be access to a massive global market of around 18,000 attendees from a plethora of nations, providing the ideal chance to launch new products. As such, it provides excellent networking for attendees and will give a chance for you to exchange contacts and ideas with some of the industry’s leading lights.

In addition to this, it’s the biggest business opportunity you’ll have all year. Its position in London makes it easy and convenient to get to for many in the industry and thanks to the city’s great infrastructure getting around is never a problem.

ICE will also help you to identify new markets before they open up and the best way to gain penetration into the best emerging markets.

That’s all before you consider the seminars.

Taking place on the balcony level of the vast Earls Court 1, the seminars will be primarily focused on the changing shape of the industry and will be packed full of industry professionals ready to answer any questions you may want to pose.

The subject matter will be split into three different areas. The ICE Gaming Leader Programme gives attendees the chance to hear from influential industry professionals and speakers who will take part in presentations and roundtable discussions. There will be 50 sessions, each giving an insight into a different area of the industry.

Those attending the innovation showcase theatre will be able to experience exclusive new products and technologies. It also gives exhibitors the chance to show off their products to you and inform you of their latest innovations.

Last of all, there are plans for three days worth of sessions geared around the betting industry. These are designed with independent betting shops and the industry built around them in mind. They will give you ideas and an insight into current developments and changes to the law that may affect your firm

The conference is over three days so expect at least a couple of parties that we will of course be covering here on the tablog. Therefore, if you want to be a part of the largest gathering of gaming personnel on the planet, this expo is for you.