Wall Street traders just bookies in better suits

wall-street-traders-bookies-suitsOver the holidays, we brought you the news that a Wall Street executive had finally come clean, admitting that he didn’t “see any difference between Las Vegas Boulevard and Wall Street.” The executive from Cantor Gaming, a subsidiary of securities trader Cantor Fitzgerald, runs many of the sportsbooks in high-profile Nevada casinos, so we’ll assume he knows when to call a spade a spade.

We always believed that stock brokers were merely bookies in disguise, but it’s nice to hear one of them admit it. Of course, now that their similar bloodlines have been confirmed, chances are people will start to think of them as all belonging to the same faceless herd. For the record, there’s a simple method for distinguishing one from the other (which occurs around 2:37 of the below video, a discussion of financial betting at online sportsbooks): a bookie will simply say ‘bullshit,’ whereas the Wall St. guy has to say ‘bull-shitzu’.