Brett Favre Fine Fined $50,000 for Not Cooperating

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Brett Favre Jenn StergerThe NFL has fined Minnesota Vikings QB Brett Favre $50,000 for not cooperating in its investigation on whether Favre violated the leagues conduct rules. Favre was under investigation for allegedly sending cell phone pics of his little field general to former Jets staffer Jenn Sterger.

During his time with the Jets, Favre allegedly left awkward voicemails for Sterger which escalated into sending Favre sending a cell phone photo of his junk to Sterger.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell determined that he could not conclude that Favre had indeed violated the League’s Personal Conduct Policy without Favre admitting to the fact.

A forensics analysis of the picture was unable to determine whether it actually was Favre’s penis or that it was sent directly from the star quarterback. (Worst Job Ever)

This leaves Sterger in a tough spot, while she denies that she was looking for a payday, she said through her lawyer that unless Favre was suspended other action would be taken. This was a power play by her lawyer, as when this started Favre’s ironman streak was still active and despite his will he won’t he retirement BS, he was loved by most football fans.

Since then Favre’s ironan streak ended and fans have grown tired of his desire to stay on the field long past his prime. The ending of the Ironman streak was the last power play that Sterger and her people had, now it’s gone.

I’d speculate that her people approached Favre’s agent Bus Cook looking for a payout long before the photo and voicemails were “accidentally leaked”. When she realized that Favre wasn’t going to pay for her silence, she went to the media and then eventually to the NFL looking for a suitable resolutions (Money lots of money).

I don’t think even if Favre wanted to pay her he would have been able allowed to write the cheque. He’s been married a long time and I’d guess that Favre and Deanaa Favre have a joint bank account, there’s no way Deanna Favre would authorize the payout of a million dollars to some sideline reporter.


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