Matt Cassel and Chiefs season gets appendectomy

It was almost too good to be true. The Kansas City Chiefs started the season on fire and have exceeded all expectation this year, it was almost too good to be true for the fans at Arrow Head, and it seems the dream might be coming to an end.

Matt Cassel the Chiefs starting pivot has just undergone successful appendectomy surgery. Though the surgery went well and the team expects Cassel back to work next week, that doesn’t mean he’s going to play. In fact it very unlikely he’ll play. The question remains, just how long will it take Cassel to heal?

But that’s not the only questions that need to be answered. How will the team finish up the season without Cassel missing games? Can we expect to see back-up QB Brodie Croyle in the lineup against the Chargers? You know damn well how bad the Chargers need a win after that loss to Oakland. But every team in the NFL needs a win, the Chiefs at 8-4 aren’t as desperate, but this is a division game so both teams need it. For the Chargers, it’s a matter of putting it together, for the Chiefs you wonder if without Cassel, it’ll fall apart.

Sure the Chiefs have been able to run the ball successfully with Jamaal Charles, but how effective will it continue to be if the air game is shaky under Croyle? Let’s not forget that it was the Chiefs who stunned the Chargers and started their season off on losing note in week 1. The road to a division title for the Chiefs is certainly not going to be a cakewalk.

Sportsbooks, what’s up with the Kansas City Chiefs offerings? Can the Chiefs still win the division? How long will Matt Cassel be out of the lineup, how many games will Brodie Croyle start?