AFL develops anti fixing plan


afl-tackles-fixingI’m not going to lie and pretend that I know a lot about Aussie Rules Football. After having attended one of the games and thinking it akin to a complicated game of kick and run, luckily the bar was close enough so that the game got a lot more exciting as the afternoon went on. As with all sports, there are issues with match fixing and as such, AFL is one of these. If the administrations are right, smashing each other heads into the dirt isn’t the only thing on their minds as they trot out onto the oval.

Of course, if the Aussie government had their way all types of gambling would probably be on the way out to be replaced by their version of Angry Birds, Pissed Off Kangaroos. But whilst gambling, in particular sports’ betting, is still here there will be isolated problems for sports with players trying to gamble on the games they’re playing in. Why they can’t choose to gamble on other sports we’ll never know.

AFL have now developed an “integrity database” into which, according to General Manager Adrian Anderson, they will “store and analyse information relevant to the integrity of the AFL competition and allow us to pro-actively identify risks to the game.”

He also added: “The intelligence we collect regarding corruption issues is only as useful as our ability to analyse it and for this purpose, we are currently developing an integrity database.”