Patriots make a day of infamy for Jets

69 years ago the attacks at Pearl Harbor were labelled by President Rosevelt as a day that would live in infamy. Well, Monday Night is a day that will live in infamy in the hearts of the New York Jets fans after the Patriots took them to the woodshed for a sound 45-3 beatdown on National television.

The beatdown was thorough, it was systematic, it was dominating, and it was ugly. It was the Patriots, Brady and Belichik bending Rex Ryan and the Jets over the table and pulling their hair. To put it lightly, it was a royal rompous pillaging. In jailhouse terms, it was a buttfucking, no lube. It was downright ugly if you’re a Jets fan. The division rivals, the team that you should hate the most, just embarassed you in front of the entire country, it doesn’t get much more crushing than that.

Tom Brady was special on Monday Night, as he made a complete mockery of the highly vaunted Jets defense, as he threw for four touchdowns and 326 yards. As for the Patriots defense, they made Sanchez look like he wasn’t ready for the big show. Sanchez completed just over half of his passes (17 for 33) for 164 yards and 3 interceptions, which all came in the second half, for a QB rating that’s so distasteful that it won’t be shown here.

The hard part for the Jets to swallow, no pun intended, was that this game was one of the most highly anticipated games of the season, and it wasn’t even close. The Patriots will move on from this like it was just another game, Brady will make sure of it, they’ll keep an even keel and approach their next game with the same focus, Belichick will make sure of that.

As for the Jets, a loss like this can either bring this team together or cause players to question each other, namely, the consistency of their QB.

With the win, the Patriots are certainly likely to take the division. No Randy Moss, no problem. And should they win the division, can anyone beat the Patriots and Tom Brady in the playoffs at home?

MVP voting and betting is sure to ramp up. Given last night’s performance, and the way Brady has carried this young team the entire season, he may have just solidified his MVP bid. Will Brady be the MVP?