PMU enters Belgian market


pmu-belgiumPari Mutuel Urbain (PMU) are lucky in the fact that they’re one of the only bookies in the entire country of France that can offer offline betting and are at the same time seemingly reaping the rewards of the newly regulated French market. That was when part of the fairytale ended though.

They are no longer allowed to play a game of monopoly with best friend La Francaise des Jeux whenever they please. It was either that or they had their monopoly over the sports betting market taken away. Forgive us for the mix-up, we’ve up late celebrating LaDanian Tomlinson’s first down, vs the Patriots, with him.

As France’s market is slightly less profitable for PMU than before, they’ve delved into the home of Dr Evil, Belgium. It seems the chance to partake in a “Belgian Dip” was too much for the company.

Philippe Germond, CEO of the PMU, held a joint press conference yesterday with the Minister of Budget of Wallonie and Belgian horseracing industry representatives to announce the deal.

The terms of the deal will see Belgian customers able to bet on French horseracing and the Belgian horseracing industry will be partially financed by PMU in the same way it does in France.

As the second largest horseracing-betting provider worldwide, they will also be offering their expertise in tackling excessive gambling and the deal conforms to the Belgian gambling framework.

If all else fails, I’m sure Dr Evil will have a seat in that spaceship shaped like a giant schlong if the PMU wants out.