World Cup verdict is imminent


world-cup-verdict-imminentAfter what seems like an eternity for the bidding countries today marks the day they’ve all been waiting for. By around 3pm the hosts will have been decided for the 2018 and 2022 World Cup and that will be that until FIFA gives China the tournament in 2026. Both contests are equally closely contested, each looking as though they could go any of three ways.

The bookmakers obviously see it as a time of utmost importance and this may explain why the odds have chopped and changed so much over the past week or so.

The first of the two involves England, Russia, Spain/Portugal and Holland/Belgium. If you believe what the bookies are saying then England look as though they may well have it in the bag.

William Hill’s Graham Sharpe commented: “Almost all of the bets staked on Wednesday – over 90% of them – were for England in a giant patriotic punt.

“Putin’s failure to attend seemed to persuade punters that he didn’t believe Russia could win and that sparked the main part of the gamble.”

Although that was before Hills shortened the England bid’s odds ever further to evens, which he followed with the comment: “The feel good factor has kicked in – just as it does when the World Cup kicks off and we all convince ourselves England can win”

Russia currently sit as second favorites on 13/8, Spain/Portugal at 4/1 and Holland/Belgium as long as 40/1. As for 2022 it’s also going down to the wire with Qatar (4/6), USA (5/2), and Australia (5/2) almost inseparable with Hills.