James Harrison is our type of dude

You know, just because someone with authority comes along and tells you that what you have spent your whole life doing is wrong, it doesn’t mean you have to stop doing it, just because they say so… Especially when it used to be okay, but now all of a sudden is illegal.

Harrison has been fined a ridiculous amount of money as far as fines go, for illegal hits under the NFL’s new standards. Keep in mind, all Harrison has been doing out there on the field is making plays for his team and helping the Steelers win games, he’s doing his job. It’s something the Pro Bowler has always done and now, he’s racked up $125,000 worth of fines for playing the game he loves in what used to be considered as the right way.

Whenever something is unreasonable and unjust, it’s usually justified under guise of “safety” or “protection”. But the truth is, you can’t tell me that these new rules are for player’s protection when they are not universal, they are not enforced on special teams blocks, or running backs lowering their heads to truck guys, or the bevvy of other head to head violent contact that takes place each play in the NFL.

Harrison told the team’s website (www.steelers.com), “The way I play, there is nothing wrong with it… I am not playing dirty. I am not doing anything that is outside of the lines.” Harrison added, “They are taking absurd amounts of money from me for plays that I consider to be clean, legal hits,” Harrison said. “I am not going to change the way I play.”

Why is James Harrison is our dude? Because Harrison has basically said “fuck it” he’s going to play how he knows how to play and nobody can tell him different. The guy is a winner, he’s a star football player and has always been, and you can cot-damn guarantee he’s respected around the league. So, hats off to Harrison for not bending over and just taking it. Hats off to Harrison for doing what he feels is right and not what someone else magically makes up. Sure, he’ll take the fines, why? Because he’s a soldier and a man who believes in what he’s doing. James Harrison, we salute you and your head-hunting smash mouth style.

Sportsbooks, with just five games left in the season, not counting playoffs, you can really have some fun with this. The NFL has said they will suspend repeat offenders, but Harrison has dodged all that up until now. So, how much more Will Harrison be fined? Will he be suspended? That could be very costly for the Steelers, does the league have the balls? What will the grand total of fines for Harrison be at the seasons end?