Nothing like a mini casino to boost your Ongame

In a move that just made dollars and sense, Ongame has formed a partnership with Jadestone Networks to add the company’s Mini Games to the Ongame poker client. The new mini games offering will include Black Jack, Roulette and Slots, and is expected to be dished out during the first quarter of 2011.

Ongame is simply joining the pack, most of Ongame’s network partners already utilize Jadestone’s products on their sites. Ongame is being real slick about though, their Mini Games will be positioned inside the poker client which will allow a player to bet on roulette with a simple swipe of the mouse while a poker hand plays out. The new partnership will also add some business value to Ongame’s poker product as industry benchmarks indicate a potential 7-10% revenue increase in regards to GGR for in-client casino games.

Martin Lerby, Head of Ongame says, “This is the first step towards realizing our ambition to offer a full casino experience,” Lerby added, “It extends our offering beyond just poker, presenting an enhanced gaming experience to players as well as new opportunities for our partners.”

The deal is also beneficial for Jadestone Networks, as this partnership indirectly gives provides them an opportunity to display their product to over 25 potential operators on Ongame’s global network.

Managing Director at Jadestone Networks Tobias Nissen says,”In all successful partnerships, the sum is greater than the parts. Like mixing nitrate with glycerine, the recipe for a major gaming blast is to combine Jadestone’s rapid fire casino side games with Ongame’s powerful poker application. Players are going to love the action.”

I’m sure players will love the action, but not sure if mixing nitrate with glycerine to cause an explosion is the best analogy to describe it. Casino and poker is more like beer and girls.