Stud owner comes out in support of Racing New South Wales


stud-owner-supports-racing-nswThe case that Racing New South Wales (NSW) filed against Betfair and Sportsbet regarding the increased payments they are requesting has been getting ugly just recently. The two sides are very well groomed indeed – Racing NSW even has its favourite jacket with tails out for the occasion. It’s just the argument between the two sides continues to roll on, unabated – with seemingly no end in sight.

Betfair has already made it clear they will appeal, so in the meantime there’s always plenty of cricket to watch whilst we’re waiting, or even old episodes of Judge Judy to help us visualize how the case might have gone. Racing NSW is not wasting any time getting more support though.

A report on ABC Online tells of Hunter Valley thoroughbred stud owner, Gerry Harvey, and his warning that if the court case goes the wrong way it might be the end of his business.

“I am a big player in this industry and I would have to tell you if this does not get fixed, I am probably out of the industry,” he said.

$120million is still on hold and won’t be released until the case is finished. Of this sum, Racing NSW has earmarked $36million for a new pool of prize-money. It’s this pool of money that Harvey could see saving the industry.

“But its not just me, I can see no reason why Darley and Coolmore, why they would want to be here. They are only here because Australia was a great racing nation with good prizemoney and great industry, that is why they came.”

The next week or so should see Betfair confirming that the case will be going ahead and then we shall see whether Racing NSW “saves” the whole of Australia’s racing industry from the evil, evil bookmakers.