Saints rip Victory from Cowboys hands, literally

They had it. They weren’t close, they had it. It was over. The Dallas Cowboys had rallied with a magnificent comeback and they had stormed back to beat the Saints. That’s how it should have been written. It should have been the solidification Jason Garrett as the new long term Head Coach for America’s team and the Cowboys should be celebrating their third win in a row.

Instead, it’s the Saints and bettors who took the over who did all the celebrating. The rest of us just shook our heads. After trailing by 17 points the Cowboys went on a massive rally and with just under six minutes left in the game the Cowboys had the lead by a 27-23 count, and the ball. They were moving the ball with ease and victory seemed at hand, when Roy Williams broke free in the secondary and seemed to be heading towards the red zone. That was when the Saints defense made a game saving play. Jenkins came from Roy’s blindside and stripped the ball lose. All Williams had to do was go down and the game was won. Instead the fumble lead to Drew Brees taking the Saints 89 yards into the end-zone in just five plays to take the lead 30-27. The Cowboys had a chance to kick a game tying field goal. Payton tried to call timeout to freeze the kicker,
but the zebras wouldn’t give it to him, the kick went wide left. It just wasn’t meant to be for the Cowboys. That’s the way it goes in sports sometimes.

Though a loss is a loss, if you’re Jerry Jones or a Cowboy fan, you have to like the apparent change of attitude on the Cowboys under Garrett. The old Cowboys, down by 17, would have been content to allow the Saints to bend them over and do them dirty, no lube. Despite the loss, Garrett may have proven that he’s the man for the job. Will he be the permanent coach? Or will one of the big dogs currently in the broadcasting booth be the new sheriff in Valley Ranch?