A Grey Cup Rematch set to kick off

The Canadian version of the Super Bowl is set to kick off in what should be one hell of a Canadian party this weekend. The two teams squaring off against each other are the exact same two teams that squared off against each other last year, The Saskatchewan Rough Riders and the Montreal Alouettes.

The Riders pride themselves on their fan support as being their 13th man on the field. Sadly and ironically, it was the 13th man on the field in the dying moments of last year’s Grey Cup game that cost the Riders the Cup and made for the most disappointing finish to any major championship game you will ever see. The penalty allowed the Alouettes to win the game and take the crown as the CFL’s finest, but Saskatchewan vowed they would return, they’ve made good on that vow thus far.

Now many sportsbooks sadly don’t even know what the hell the Grey Cup is, but then again many sportsbooks don’t really recognize Canadian football as a true sport. Truth be told, it’s not when you compare it to the NFL. But it’s an exciting game nonetheless, some weird rules, like how you can get a point for missing a field goal as long as you kick it out of the end-zone which is nearly a mile long…Yeah, I don’t get it either.

But this Sunday people will be betting on this game. Canadians will definitely be betting on this game, this rematch has been highly anticipated and the game promises to be a good one full of excitement. Bodog has odds up on the Canadian Football League Grey Cup, do you?