Full Tilt on Droid

Full Tilt Poker has announced the release of their Rush Poker Mobile application for the Google Android smartphone operating system. The application is currently in beta testing to sort out all the bugs and glitches but for those who have Full Tilt accounts, it’s accessible for download. This is monumental in many respects as this is the first time a major online poker site has this type of offer with real money poker on a mobile phone.

The app does require Android 2.2 and Adobe Flash 10.1, anything less and you might be shit out of luck and may require a software upgrade. The UI comes off as a little laggy at times, but overall, there’s been very little complaints from users using Droid X. Other limitations of the application include that English is the only language available. Also, US-based players will “not be allowed” to play real-money games due to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. At least for now, that is.

Players can also create new accounts using the Android application, but if they are looking to add some real money to their account, again, shit out of luck, they’ll have to use the desktop version to make their deposits. Be warned, this system drops connection faster than balls during puberty especially for players moving between Wi-Fi and 3G networks. These players will likely experience a connection drop until the phone re-establishes the network connection.