Londoner is World Heads Up Champion


nik-persaud-heads-upHeads up poker is an aspect of the sport you really need to be good at if you want to win the big money and make a living playing cards. Think of it akin to being able to being able to throw a game-winning touchdown in football or as a defence man making the offense believe that you will actually drive their body through the ground. Maybe the best way to describe it would be to compare it to chess – we can’t believe that a lot of gamblin’ drinkin’ and carryin’ on goes on around chess though.

You’d have thought that winning the World Heads Up Poker Championships would kick start a career. Although, this year’s winner sounds like he was the king of near misses before being crowned the new champ. Black Belt Poker’s Nik Persaud, from London, has made three GUKPT Main Event final tables in the past and you feel that this really meant something to the home-town boy – that or he was very happy to be taking home £30k and a big trophy that told everyone “I’ve arrived, bitches!”

“I’m really pleased to have won a title,” commented Nik. “There were some great players in there, so it feels good to have won, especially in a format which I’ve been playing a lot of. It’s also great for Black Belt Poker, and shows what a great team spirit we have. It spurs you on when you see everyone else doing so well.”

The GUKPT Main Event continues for the remainder of the week at the Grosvenor Victoria Casino in London as the only industry CEO who also plays tournament poker, Bodog Europe’s Patrik Selin, will be hoping to take home the title. Look out for news on how Patrik’s getting on, right here on the tablog over the weekend.