Will Hellmuth split from UB.net?

Because nothing says crisp refreshment like Phil Hellmuth.

Famed “poker brat” Phil Hellmuth is known for making his feelings abundantly clear during his games, but this time it’s what he isn’t bringing to the table that has people talking.

Aficionados of the game have been speculating that Hellmuth and his online poker site sponsor, UB.net, have ended their relationship after the holder of a record 11 World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelets has shown up to a month’s worth of tournaments without wearing any UB.net-branded clothing whatsoever.

Hellmuth has been sponsored by UB since 2003. He has worn their branding at every major tournament since then, and even recently incorporating the site’s logo into WSOP Main Event entrance ceremonies so extravagant they brought to mind the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Although confirmation of the split hasn’t been heard from either Hellmuth or the UB camp, the poker world has been all atwitter with speculation about whose sponsorship bed Hellmuth’ll hop into next. As would be befitting the fact that Hellmuth loves to draw attention to himself, the current leading idea is that he’ll start an online poker site of his very own.