The Bears maul the belly up Phins

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If you’re asking yourself if the Bears are for real after their 16-0 dominating performance against the Miami Dolphins on Thursday Night Football, the answer to that question is they are as for real as 7-3 is. And in the NFL, 7-3 is pretty damn real.

The Bears mauled the Dolphins like fat trout trying to swim upstream. The Dolphins never seemed to have a chance as third string starter Tyler Thigpen looked like, well, a third string starter. The Bears didn’t look unbelievable on offense, but then again, they haven’t all year long, but yesterday, the Bears defense came to play. The defense registered six sacks and made the Dolphins offensive line look Swiss cheese. Didn’t help that Pro Bowl offensive linemen Jake Long wasn’t at 100 percent for Miami, not sure if it would have made a difference for Thigpen, he looked in over his head.

As for the Dolphins, they might be done. Their division is no walk in the park, their banged up at the most important position (QB) and Thursday Night’s loss at home may have sealed their fate.

So now Chicagoans are pounding their chests as the Bears are emerging as contenders. But let’s be real, picking them to be Superbowl contenders at this point is a longshot. Granted the Bears are 7-3, and in the NFL, there’s no doubt you have to be a good team to have won 7 games at this point, regardless of the teams you’ve played. But the Bears have had a little luck on their side. The offense has sputtered in the air, but has picked up on the ground, and it’s pretty lucky for them to stroll into Miami on short rest and have to face an unprepared third stringer.

Many people will tell you that the Bears are the weakest 7-3 team in the league. With just on win over a team with a winning record and one win with a at .500, which was the Dolphins, it’s hard to hang your hat on the Bears. But at the end of day, they’re still leading that NFC North division.

Their upcoming schedule will be their true test, although, they’ve already done the heavy lifting, they may just have to win just half of their remaining games and they’ve put themselves in position to make the post-season. First up, Michael Vick’s Eagles, Patriots, Jets and Packers all coming up for the Bears, well see if they are for real or if they are like last year’s Denver Broncos.

Time to beef up the Bears offerings, surely Bears fans have to believe they have the NFC North division locked up.


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