reporter contest rolls on with new entries

calvin-ayre-reporter-parisVoting opened up this time last week for the self-professed “job of a lifetime” and it’s led to us receiving some very interesting entries indeed. The job, if you needed reminding, is to become an on-camera reporter for the tablog for a period of three months.

The mission, if you are chosen to accept it, will give you a chance to travel the iGaming world. Whether it be downing a few pints at the centre of the iGaming Universe in London, meeting the who’s who of the industry at a conference in Las Vegas, or rubbing shoulders with royalty in Monaco, you will have the chance to do it.

If Formula One racing drivers, poker players, music stars, and a whole lot of gamblin’ drinkin’ and carryin’ on sounds like your thing then keep reading.

Of those in with a chance so far it looks as though the iGaming public are trumping for Stephanie Gergeres. In our version of the X Factor, Brooklyn-native Gergeres is currently out in front with 77 votes, backed by an impressive Twitter campaign (@juicyhighlights). Her background in the entertainment and music industry are obvious plusses when looking to work in this fast-paced industry.

Closely following her in second place is LA’s Elysia Skye, with 49 votes. Skye interjects a lot of humour into her interviewing, something which will be particularly attractive to those voting for her.

Thursday is the day for new entries though, and today sees three more hopefuls who are looking to crash the party and become the poll leader.

If you’re into brunettes then you’ll likely vote for our first new entry. Vanessa Camozzi, from DC, is an entertainment host who basically loves her job, and has done everything from sky diving to blind-cupcake tasting. She’s also produced and hosted her own show, and would bring a wealth of experience to the job.

Our second new entry is a blonde bombshell. If her looks alone weren’t enough to have your mouth watering, Melissa Pfeister’s show-reel of Buffalo Mac ‘n Cheese will have you drooling all over the place. Another contestant out of Los Angeles, Pfeister’s style would bring a unique and different style to the tablog.

Last but by no means least we have another male competitor to add to the one from last week, Mike Babchik. Just turned the big three oh, Babchik is from the Bronx and if you’re into funny and downright debauched content, Mike’s your man. His show-reel isn’t for the faint of heart but that’s what we like. It’s humorous and different, and he has to do something to stand out given all the hot girls he’s up against.

So if you’ve watched all eight videos and think you can do a helluva lot better then what are you waiting for. Create your show reel, upload it to YouTube, fill in the CONTEST ENTRY form and away you go. Just make sure you’ve done it before December 2.

Who knows…early next year you could be celebrating a new job travelling the world as part of the tablog team.

Always remember though

It’s not just a JOB. It’s a LIFESTYLE.