Check this situation: NJ online gaming bill clears committee

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Jersey Shore

New Jersey’s leading export

There’s an old joke that says that the only difference between a Jersey girl and trash is that trash gets picked up. The state of New Jersey, however, is one step closer to picking up millions of dollars in revenue from online gambling after a bill cleared a critical committee in the state senate.

The bill, which would make New Jersey the first state to legalize internet gambling as well as the largest market for hair gel and spray tans, cleared the state senate’s budget committee this week.

If the bill gets the approval of the entire senate, the state assembly and the comically named governor Chris Christie, a full 20 percent of casinos’ revenue from online gaming will be funneled into New Jersey’s coffers.

On top of being the leading destination for the trifecta of gym, tan and laundry, “New Jersey could become a global Mecca for internet gaming,” said bill sponsor Senator Ray Lesniak.

With final passage of the bill projected for the first quarter of next year, hopefully it’ll be sooner rather than later that New Jersey can use online gambling to make it up to us after we wasted two hours watching “Garden State.”


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