McNabb Paid off, Vick Paying off

MV:Philly fans aren't so bad. DM: They're confused, they don't if they should boo you or Kevin.

Donovan is kind of like that battered wife, she takes it and takes it and never says a word. Well after Philadelphia got all they could out of McNabb while disrespecting him the whole way, they basically pasted a dollar bill to his jersey and dumped him off to the Redskins. It didn’t take long for the Redskins to start abusing McNabb too, he always seems to be the victim.

When McNabb got yanked for Grossman, feelings were hurt. Heading into Washington, McNabb had thought that promises were made and gifts exchanged, this wasn’t part of the deal to embarrass him and bench him. Obviously Shanahan should have done the honest thing and simply tell everyone, “McNabb is not playing well” plain and simple. The numbers would have backed him up. The Redskins are just 4-4, McNabb has thrown 7 TD’s and 8 Ints in those eight games, so you can understand why Shanahan isn’t exactly buying McNabb a steak dinner.

Meanwhile, McNabb’s replacement in Philly, never was supposed to be Kolb, I think at this point that’s clear. It was always going to be the new man with the new plan. Mike Vick, is looking like a premier passing QB in the league, that can by the way, STILL, run his ass off. And the Eagles, they’re rolling with Vick at the helm after knocking off Peyton Manning and the Colts last week. Vick will be looking to steal a win in McNabb’s building and return the favor this Monday Night when the Eagles take on the Redskins. MVP? Too early to call it, especially since Vick has only played 4 out of the 8 games and has only thrown 125 passes, about three times less than Drew Brees. But he’s making a case for comeback player of the year that should have LT worried.

You can call it the most expensive apology ever, the Redskins have just signed McNabb for five years to the tune of $78M. Hush honey, here’s some hush money? That’s a more costly apology than when Kobe bought that skating rink of a ring and got that weak-ass tatty. No hate, just saying, you do what you have to do to keep a happy home. With a nice portion of that guaranteed, McNabb has to be pretty happy, but is he happy enough to stick around for more abuse? That’s a lot of money… This deal doesn’t make sense after what happened, so what’s really going on here? Someone still might be on the hot seat, is it going to be McNabb or Mike Shanahan and his son?

Not on the flipside, but on the ‘Vickside’ of things, this is turning out to be the best story in sports. True redemption. And we’re not just talking about “hurray, he’s out of jail and he’s playing”, we’re talking about Mike Vick being better than he ever was before as a person and as an NFL QB and it’s all paying off for the Philadelphia Eagles. I wonder if the Philly fans can find a way to boo that! With a passer rating of 105 and change, good for the highest in the NFL, they better stick to booing Santa.