Are Vick’s Eagles the team to beat in the NFL?

If there’s one thing bettors should have learned by now especially after the Cowboys upset the G-Men, it’s that the NFL is a week-to-week league and very little is for certain. That said, what the Eagles did to the Redskins on Monday Night Football should make other teams in the NFL take the Philadelphia Eagles very seriously.

It wasn’t just a beatdown. It was an ass kicking of astronomical proportions. It was the greatest game of Michael Vick’s career and it served notice to the rest of the league and anyone associated with the NFL and NFL betting that the Eagles are a force to be reckoned with.

What the Eagles showed us was that their defense is still scary good and able to put points on the board. But it’s what the offense showed that is creating a buzz around the league and should be causing sportsbooks to start ramping up their Michael Vick odds and props. Vick played so well that his jersey is on the way to Hall of Fame in Canton for that game. He threw for four touchdowns and rushed for two more. He completed 20 of 28 passes for 333 yards, rushed for 80 yards, improved his passer rating to a NFL leading 115.1 and he probably sold popcorn at halftime. The Eagles offense with Vick at the helm is pure speed. They’ve got speed all over the field, the offensive line is protecting and finding ways to contain Vick will give defensive coordinators fits. Vick for the most part has become a pocket passer that can run, he checks all available receivers and runs only as the last option. Even when there’s a spy, Vick is such a good athlete that he’s able to turn broken plays into gains and first downs.

Without a doubt any offering with Michael Vick MVP odds just turned red hot. Betting on the Eagles after last night is sure to increase and sportsbooks should go ahead and capitalize on this. Let’s face it, after what we saw in Vick and the Eagles last night, they have all the weapons to be a true Superbowl contender.

As for Vick, he just played himself into being the most coveted free agent at the end of this year. After losing his fortune after the whole doggy bit, it looks like true redemption is his, he’ll get paid alright and the Eagles better make sure they’re the ones locking him up this time.