Is Cowboys win biggest upset of the year?

Heading into Sunday’s game against the division leading New York Giants, the Dallas Cowboys had lost 5 straight games, they had fired their head coach and had an interim coach taking over for his first game, their starting QB was still on the sidelines and did I mention the Cowboys have been absolutely sheit all year? So as you would expect, they should have got their asses handed to them right? Wrong. This is why bettors just can’t get enough of betting on the NFL.

The Cowboys marched into New Meadowland Stadium, in East Rutherford NJ with the G-Men as huge favorites. They stepped out on the field popped guys in the mouth, grabbed the G-Men by the scruff of the neck and took them out to the Woodshed for a sound drubbing. The Cowboys looked like they were the division leaders; Kitna looked like he was a legit QB and the Jason Garrett, the Cowboys interim coach looked like he’d been running the show for years as the Cowboys downed the G-Men 33-20.

Okay, so how about them Cowboys props and future bets Sportsbooks? Will Garrett retain the head coaching position? That’s one hell of a win with a short time to prepare. How many games will the Cowboys win under Garrett? At this point, anything can happen in the NFL. Is the Cowboys win the biggest upset of the year thus far?