Phins change Chads

After several disappointing performances by the Dolphins in the past few weeks, head coach Tony Sporano has decided to make a Chad change at the QB. Sporano has replaced starter Chad Henne with veteran QB Chad Pennington.

This was supposed to be Henne’s team and Pennington was supposed to be the veteran QB to offer mentor-ship to Henne, but Henne just hasn’t been able to find his stride. He’s shown flashes of brilliance at times and other times, he’s looked like the weak link on the Dolphin’s squad. If you have Chad Henne on your fantasy football team, make your changes right away!

Heading into Sunday’s game against Tennessee, the Dolphins (4-4) trail the Jets and Patriots by two games in the AFC East. Miami ranks last in the conference in points, behind even winless Buffalo and it’s one of the reasons why Sporano had to make the Chad change. Henne is simply not giving the Phins a chance to win. He’s throwing ducks on the goaline, and picks everywhere else.

What does this change mean for Miami? It means there’s panic. Vince Young, Chris Johnson and Randy Moss are coming to town and a loss on Sunday could jeopardize the Phins chances of a postseason berth. During a press conference Sporano did his best not to bash Henne, he said ” “This is not an indictment on Chad Henne at all…At this particular time it’s something that I feel like I need to do for our football team.”

If there’s one thing Pennington does, it’s manage a football game and limit turnovers. Which given how the Dolphins have played, may just be the spark they’re needing to start turning L’s into W’s.