Raider Nation Resuscitated

There may be only one other team that generates as much excitement as the Dallas the Cowboys and that’s the Raiders. For years the Raider have absolutely terrible, but this year they have crawled out of the Al Davis crypt and emerged as serious contenders.

It’s been 8 years since the Raider Nation has had something to cheer about. Enter in Tom Cable, exit JaMarcus Russell, enter in Jason Campbell and suddenly the Raider Nation is off life support. The Raiders are 3-0 in their division and sport a 5-3 record, and their first three-game winning streak since 2002.

The Raiders pulled out a thrilling come-from-behind against long-time rivals Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday and are quickly emerging as one of the teams in contention for the AFC West. Truthfully, the Raiders could easily be at 6-3 if not for a missed field goal in week 3 against the Arizona Cardinals.

The upcoming schedule for the Raiders won’t be easy. After a Week 10 bye, they’re on the road to Pittsburgh before they host Miami and then they’re on the road again to Jacksonville. Perhaps the toughest part of their schedule is a two-game stretch against the Colts and a grudge match in Kansas City.

So with Raider Nation alive and crazy again, its time to ramp up the betting options on the Raiders. Will the Raiders will win the AFC West? Will coach Tom Cable stick with QB Jason Campbell? Will the Raiders make the playoffs?