Cowboys fire Wade Phillips

Let’s be honest, this isn’t that big of a surprise. Although, Sportsbooks still should have odds on what week Phillips was going to get the axe. Most of the time, teams refrain from firing the head coach mid-season, but in the case of the Cowboys, after the sixth straight loss and the enourmous beat down delivered by the Green Bay Packers, Michael Lombardi of the NFL Network broke the news that Wade Phillips was shown the door.

For the Dallas Cowboys, it’s the worst start since 1989. And for Cowboys fans, things couldn’t be worse, the team is a laughing stalk, Jerry Jones has lost control of his team, Tony Romo is hurt, and the Superbowl that will be taking place in Cowboys stadium will be without America’s team. For the rest of us, it’s bliss, the only other thing better than a good Cowboys team is a really bad Cowboys team.

The Dallas Cowboys flat out stopped playing for Wade Phillips, and their last two games have been absolutely atrocious. The way this team is playing it wouldn’t surprise me if they don’t reach 4 wins this season. The losing streak is now at 6 games. When will it end? Who will be the interim coach, Jason Garrett?