Massa faces jail if he doesn’t play fair

Felipe MassaSports stars have never been immune to the odd spell behind bars, usually for a dust-up outside a city club at 3am or maybe even sticking it to that taxi driver who tried to take a picture of you on his phone. Fraud isn’t usually something you associate with sport especially not whilst the event is taking place. That’s before Formula 1 stepped up to the plate.

There have been a number of farcical situations in this year’s edition of the driver’s championship most of them involving either Michael Schumacher aiming for a bit of warped mid-nineties nostalgia or following “team rules” and allowing your team mate to pass. Of course these don’t exist at many teams like Red Bull. Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel would sooner see both cars out of the race than their teammate win. The authorities in Brazil, the hosts of this weekend’s race, are getting tough on the latter though.

A prosecutor has explained that if Ferrari’s Brazilian driver Felipe Massa lets Fernando Alonso win, or anyone else for that matter, they could find themselves detained for a period of six years. It all comes down to the local authorities but the point is they can be put away for it.