Brazil’s esports future is bright: BBL’s Leo De Biase

Leo De Biase Interview
Leo De Biase Interview

BBL founder Leo De Biase believes that Brazil can lead the esports market heading into 2021 and beyond. An industry veteran in the esports business, De Biase sat down with lead reporter Rebecca Liggero Fontana to discuss the Brazilian market’s efforts to become a leader in the esports market.

Like many in the industry over the last 12 months, BBL has experienced a massive boom in the esports market. BBL recently announced plans to construct the largest Battle Royale arena in the world in Sao Paulo. According to De Biase, the stadium will be a watershed moment for BBL and esports in Brazil.

“We’re going to build this huge facility I think it’s going to be like something like 32,000 square feet. It’s going to be a monster with 2,000 seats and the largest LED wall in the world. I think it’s something like 480 square meters of LED panels,” he said.

While the interest in the esports market continues to grow in Brazil, there continues to be conversations around betting regulations. According to De Biase, the conversations are still ongoing with regulators.

“In Brazil, betting is still not legalized and I know that there’s been thousands of conversations, and I think we’re kind of getting there from what I heard from my buddies that are in the betting industry here in Brazil,” De Biase said.

Di Biase believes that the COVID-19 pandemic has not only created opportunities for esports companies, but also betting operators in the Brazilian market. Di Biase explains that participation has escalated due to COVID. “I’m pretty sure that Brazil is huge and we will definitely start having a more participation,” he said.

While betting on esports is still under discussion with regulators and lawmakers, De Biase continues to advocate for the industry to continue to have some input in shaping the regulations.

“We are deeply involved in those discussions, last year was for me especially was super weird because I never thought that someday I would be speaking in a hearing at the senate here in Brazil. I was talking about esports and explaining to the committee and to the senators about what it is and what are the opportunities,” De Biase said.

In the full interview, De Biase goes onto explain the opportunities that are available to betting operators in the Brazilian market and how they can leverage the relationships with production houses to create content that attracts a new generation of Esports bettors. Subscribe at the YouTube channel to see more videos like this as they are published.