Even Video Games diss McNabb

If like many football fans and football bettors you happen to have a PS3 or XBox 360, chances are you also have the Madden 11
At this point, it’s not necessary to discuss how freaking awesome the game is or how I’m almost completely unbeatable, and should probably be entering competitions, that’s not what this is about.

Recently, Redskins QB, Donovan McNabb was pulled from a game that was still within reach because his head coach didn’t think he had the cardio vascular endurance to run the two minute offense. Mike Shanahan then inserted Rex Grossman who promptly turned it over and Detroit Lions beat the Redskins. This story has been a huge topic in the news all week, and most people are thinking the same thing, why does McNabb always get dissed?

Well, as of today, McNabb is officially the most dissed pro bowl QB of all time. If you update your Madden 11 you’ll be happy see that the good folks over at EA have placed Randy Moss on the Titans. But there’s something else. If you play with the Redskins, like I do, you’ll notice something a little different with McNabb. Check his stamina rating, and you’ll see it’s down some 8 points! Seriously.

Now video games are taking shots at McNabb? Does he get any respect anywhere? I wonder if his wife slap him with a back-hand fist every time she sees him just for shits and giggles. I wonder if his kids just piss on his stuff because it’s the cool thing to do in that house. Maybe he should take up stand-up and mimic a Rodney Dangerfield routine, he certainly has the material. Imagine that, McNabb goes home, picks up the controller to relax and play a little Madden, and he finds a big fuck you on his stamina rating, he gets no respect.