EurosportBET aiming to crack tote horse racing in France

eurosportbet-horsesWhenever you hear anyone mention the French iGaming market, there are never a whole lot of favourable mentions. It seems outsiders warm to it much like they do the French delicacy frogs’ legs. Some absolutely love it and for some reason can’t get enough of it, whereas the rest of us can’t see what all the fuss is about. Frogs’ legs then must have been on the mind of the executives at EurosportBET in recent times.

It comes as the company’s French label,, launches tote horse racing on GTECH G2’s MarginMaker platform. Already using GTECH G2’s platform for they are well and truly at the top of each other’s MySpace friends lists. Although, seeing as though the PMU control much of the French horse racing market it could be a harder nut to crack.

“The Sports Betting Team at GTECH G2 supported us in integrating a new heterogeneous system, the PMC tote system, on our MarginMaker engine, from early specification stages to the move to production,” said Frédéric Tardieu, Director of Program Management at EurosportBET. “We are now a member of the very small club of French legal online gaming operators able to operate SportsBook, Poker and Horse Racing.”

Well as long as they’re confident and happy to be one of the frog leg connoisseurs then we’re sure it’ll be all fine and dandy.