San Franscisco Giants Stomp Rangers to take World Series Crown

Depending on who you were supporting, this was either the worst World Series or the best World Series you have ever seen.
If you were a Rangers fan, you were sick to your stomach at the constant mismanagement, the implosion of the bullpen, and the severe lack of offense and execution.

But if you were a Giants fan, you were on cloud nine, (in California, literally,) you got to see stellar pinpoint pitching from both the starting rotation and the bullpen. Unsung heroes like Cody Ross, Juan Uribe, Edgar Renteria, and Aubrey Huff stepped to deliver. Perhaps a new star shutdown closer was born in Brian Wilson, and maybe Tim Lincecum just showed the world that he’s the best of the best. Giants fans had it good this World Series, they even got to see a young kid named Buster Posey turn into a superstar and then a legend.

To be frank, this series was over from the first two games. The Giants exploded in games one and two, scoring nineteen runs. In game one they took down the Rangers ace, they chased him from the game in the fifth inning and put up an 8 spot, that might have been the breaking point for the Rangers whether they will admit it or not. When you see your ace get dusted like that, well, if he can’t beat them, who can? The answer was nobody, and that’s been the answer for the entire postseason. The Giants were a team of destiny.

It was great to see guys like Juan Uribe and Edgar Renteria, two guys who have won World Series rings before, step up and take the lead both with their bats and their fielding. They said Renteria was done, he might want to be, what a better “see ya later” shot than a three run homerun -fuck- you- blast to win a World Series? He should retire with his middle fingers up, which will both have rings on them.

The lucky son of a bitch who bet the Giants to win the NL Championship, and the World Series right, should still be drinking champagne right now, hell he might even want to join the parade…ahem, the Giants parade that is, there are some other one in the Bay Area that not every man should be a part of.

Congratulations to the Giants for winning the World Championship, they truly were the best team in baseball this October. You think they’ll let Barry Bonds ride in the parade?