Jamarcus Russell works out with Redskins, Shanahan might start him

Reports are flying today that JaMarcus Russell was one of some 20 players that worked out with the Redskins. First off, I didn’t even know that JaMarcus Russell works out, and secondly, they might as well pick him up, maybe he can run the two minute offense? Better keep Shanahan away from that field, he might mess around and name JaMarcus Russell the starter for next week.

If my tone is snarky against the Redskins, it has every right to be after what I saw this weekend. I saw Mike Shanahan take Donovan McNabb out of a game in which the Redskins were down by just one score and put in Rex fucking Grossman to run the two minute offense. Rex Grossman? Seriously? When questioned why the hell he would do something so stupid, Shanahan made it clear that he didn’t think that McNabb was knowledgeable of the two minute offense and he didn’t think McNabb was in good enough cardio vascular shape to get the job done. Stop it right there… Que the backup… On Grossman’s first snap he gets blindsided and drops the biscuit, the fumble was recovered by the Lions who took it to the house for six to ice the game.

If McNabb isn’t in good enough shape to run the two minute drill how is he in good enough shape to play at all? That’s a bullshit cop-out from a very good coach, who is probably just disappointed with McNabb’s play and wanted to make a statement.

The thing is, why does McNabb get shit on everywhere he goes? He’s a decorated QB and any other QB of his stature receives praise. Even Tony Romo has more rope than McNabb! Now JaMarcus Russell is working out with the Redskins, great, because they need more drama in that locker-room. McNabb handled the situation on Sunday with class, but you have to wonder just how long he’ll be a Redskin. Being removed in the last two minutes of winnable game is the ultimate disrespect to any QB. There is no way that can be explained or reasoned to make an ounce of sense.

Will McNabb be with the Redskins next year? Could McNabb go to the Vikings?