Vikings waive bye bye to Randy Moss

After the devastating loss to the New Enland Patriots, Randy Moss wasn’t in the mood for answering a whole lot of questions. He’d been looking forward to playing his old team since he was traded to the Vikings and for him to catch just one pass for eight yards, have his QB knocked out of the game and have the Patriots basically end the Vikings playoff hopes, one can understand why Moss was in diva mode.

But what nobody can understand is what happened today. Michael Lombardi from the NFL network has reported that Randy Moss has been released from the Minnesota Vikings. According to the report, Brad Childress announced in a team meeting, one in which Moss was not present, that the team would be moving forward without the superstar receiver.

Whatever the reasons are, they aren’t good enough. The Vikings gave up third round pick to use Randy Moss for three games? That’s mismanagement in its purest form. You can’t tell me a team like the Vikings can do without the services of Randy Moss. I think at this point it’s abundantly clear that Brad Childress has completely lost that team. If he had an issue with Randy Moss, surely it was something that could have been discussed man-to-man, not sure how waiving the double coverage Moss after you’ve given up a third round draft pick, and have no receivers is going to help your team. It’s a coward move.

So the Vikings may have waived bye bye to Moss today, but let’s not be surprised if they find a way to get out of the contract extension they signed with Childress and waive bye-bye to his ass as well.

Okay sportsbooks, let’s get those odds up. You know Randy Moss won’t stay on waivers forever, some team out there is already on the horn to Moss’s agent trying to scoop him up. Which team will it be? What team will Randy Moss play for next? Will it be a contender? Could he go to the Dolphins? I hear South Beach is real nice… Will Moss return back to New England? Wouldn’t that be funny? It would then be Belichick saluting Moss and the Vikings, thanks for the draft pick!