The Dallas Cowboys Circus

Close the roof Jerry Jones, God don’t like ugly!

If they weren’t done last week, then officially the Dallas Cowboys are done this week. Already with Romo gone, the Cowboys hosted the Jaguars in a must win game to stave off being eliminated from the playoffs in the month of October. It didn’t happen, in fact, the Jaguars marched into Dallas, and straight up punched the Cowboys in the mouth. The Jaguars put up 35 points on the Cowboys defense and intercepted Jon Kitna four times. Noteworthy, Kitna should probably only be on the hook for one of those interceptions, the other 3 bounced off of his receivers hands.

The Cowboys without a doubt are the most disappointing team in the NFL. Heading into the season they looked like a can’t miss pick. They were coming off a decent run last year, they had a talented roster, they had Tony Romo, Miles Austin, they had gotten rid of what they thought was the cancer in T.O, and they had everything to play for with the Superbowl being held in Dallas. But all those things were just on paper. Once the Cowboys took the field it was and has been a complete circus from top to bottom, from the defense to the offense, from the special teams, to the coaching to the owner, circus.

That huge brand new stadium that seats 100,000 plus, well, that’s a lot of people that get to witness a 1-6 team play. Jerry Jones said in a press conference after Sunday’s game that he was “emabarassed” and that Cowboy fans deserve better than that. What about God Jerry? You know he built that stadium with a hole in the roof so God could watch his team play on Sunday, maybe it’s time he closed that roof, God don’t like ugly and the Cowboys are “fugly”.

At this point who in their right mind is willing to bet on the Cowboys unless you’re betting against them. That game on Sunday should have been close given the circumstances, this team looks like it has packed it in. Will the Cowboys win another game this year? How many more times will they get taken to the woodshed? Will the Cowboys lose more than 10 games this year?