Wi-fi set to be available on the tube

wifi-tubeIf you’ve ever sat at a tube station bored out of your mind during massive system delays, if you have a laptop or Smartphone this latest news will be music to your ears. Out of those times you’ve been sat there wondering what to do with yourself in this free allotment of time you’ve been donated, it’s pretty certain that your mind’s strayed. How cool would it be if I could play poker online whilst sitting here? Wouldn’t it be fun to see the look on people’s faces if I were watching some soft-core porn on my iPad?

It looks as though this somewhat warped dream can now become a reality. This is after one of the poshest men ever to set foot on this earth, and mayor of London, Boris Johnson, announced his plans to turn London into one massive Wi-Fi hotspot ahead of the 2012 Olympics. Charing Cross will be the first station to take part in the trial and it will be interesting to see if Isildur1 uses this as is new hideout.

Going back to the earlier comments by Boris that London will be a huge wi-fi hotspot just conjures up an image that every building will be painted red and some may even be flashing. What a way to turn your back on the Tories, Boris!