Gaming Industry needs a hard living Health Column

As gambling industry professionals gambling, drinking, and carrying on is as much a part of our lives as work is, most of the time the two can coincide. With that said, wouldn’t it be great if there were a health column just for us?

Months ago, Ozzy Osborne signed on with Rolling Stones to be a health advice columnist…Yes Ozzy Osborne, advising on health. At first it sounds ridiculous, but if you really think about it, the hard living this man has done and the fact that he’s still breathing, well that makes him an expert in my books. Readers can now submit their questions on sex, relationship or other life issues like drugs and excessive drinking for Ozzie to respond to.

Maybe Calvin Ayre should start his own health column. No doubt, there’s a secret to hard living, there’s something to being able to drink, gamble and carry on that can keep you young and vibrant at the right mix. Perhaps the element of copious amounts of sex is the key. Studies have shown that sex uses every muscle group in the body and gives the heart and lungs a high-octane aerobic workout. Forget about going for a jog in the morning, just have morning sex, it burns around 300 calories an hour. A healthy romp three times a week boosts the heart, and halves the risk of a heart attack or stroke. Sex also boosts circulation and keeps down blood pressure.

Gambling at a controlled clip can release stress as well, and while over drinking can cause harm to your liver, just the right amount is the perfect way to relax. Please keep in mind I’m not a doctor, unless you count a PHD in partying.