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pokerstars-ink-espnIn the dictionary under the entry for bandwagon it reads thus:
a wagon, usually large and ornately decorated, for carrying a musical band while it is playing, as in a circus parade or to a political rally.
a party, cause, movement, etc., that by its mass appeal or strength readily attracts many followers: After it became apparent that the incumbent would win, everyone decided to jump on the bandwagon.

It’s the second part that many in and around the iGaming industry are taking a lot of notice of right now. Yesterday saw the world’s number one poker site,, tie up a deal with News Corp’s to offer free play poker on the site. Upon hearing this it looks like another major sports broadcaster got an attack of the green monster.

The world’s leading poker broadcaster, ESPN, have signed a similar deal to FOX which will allow them to use a free play poker room on their site going live in November.

Regional Marketing Director for North America, Joe Versaci, commented: “ is one of the most important online sports venues, and ESPN Poker Club is entering its fifth year on the site. This agreement will enable PokerStars to implement its superior technology and integrity in operation.