announces free poker deal with media giant

pkrstrsIt’s safe to say there aren’t many pies/pots of extravagantly priced caviar that Rupert Murdoch and News Corporation haven’t had a piece of. In one way or another, they own a significant piece of the sporting world on all corners of the planet and have now sealed a deal with a company who are fairly synonymous with the world of elite poker.

Becoming a member of Team PokerStars or Team Full Tilt will feel like you’ve made it in the world of poker – and to tell you the truth you probably have. So when Rupert and his pals were looking for a poker product to provide on the webpage it’s no surprise they plumped for As one of the top 100 sites in the USA, will offer a free play poker client on their site, as well as news, tournament results, poker strategy, and rules.’s North America regional marketing director Joe Versaci, commented: “This tie-in will see and combine the best live and editorial content with the web’s best online poker games.”

The deal will sees the world’s largest poker site reaching a further 26 million users on the FOX site, fuelling rumours that PokerStars are seriously looking forward to the future America may hold.