Northbet announces new payment system. Still silent on database allegations

northbet payment processingIf you at one time worked for Bodog and spent much of your time there moving in the shadows, it’s pretty much certain that BetUS will have made a tender for your services. Seriously. If you’ve got some spare time on your hands send them a CV containing the words “Bodog” and they will hire you. Fact.

So you go and work for BetUS for a few months and realise it isn’t really all it’s cut out to be. You liked the fun times you had at Bodog and are looking to work in gaming still, so where now? Well if you haven’t read anything here on the tablog before you might go and work for Northbet. I mean, what can be so bad about them. They’ve got “bet” in their name after all. Our advice: if you go to Northbet cease contact with your friends at BetUS. Why? Just click here and you’ll find out

Back to Northbet though, and the latest to come out of the site is that customers can now make instant payments with a debit card when using the site. Northbet acknowledge that offshore payment processing is usually very lengthy which is why they’ve decided to adopt this new system. The service says that it will provide payment within 120 minutes of a win, and help to increase their market share

How about the aforementioned database story though? What do Northbet make of the allegations being thrown their way by all manner of forum posters and other observers?

When we tried to get a comment or statement on this matter, we weren’t even sent so much as an email with two animated bouncers on it warning us off. Just sweet FA!