Bingo is female-friendly in England, drive-in friendly in Ireland

Bingo-Ireland-EnglandA new online casino and bingo site has launched in the UK. Claiming to be ‘female-friendly’ (unlike all those other testosterone-fueled bastions of bingo), is a ‘female-friendly’ site that boasts the slogan “Me-Time is Long Overdue” and features articles, gossip and celebrity goings-on designed to appeal to the fairer sex (but guys are still welcome).

Taking a slightly different tack, an operation in County Meath has taken bingo offline and into the open fields of the Emerald Isle. Event organizer Seamus Davis has cooked up a scheme by which people drive up, park their cars, turn off their engines, get their cards and dabbers, then hoot their car horns when they’ve got a winner. Plus, hey… You can smoke!