Tabcorp jumps on mobile gaming bandwagon

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The mobile gaming bandwagon is revving its engines, the seats are filling up and nobody wants to be left running behind it. Tabcorp has used its unique powers of clairvoyance to point to online gambling and mobile gambling as a source for future profit. Bravo.

Following the success of the company’s iPhone app and its continued investment in rising technologies, Tabcorp continues to invest in building its online platform to take advantage of the red-hot online gambling industry. Tabcorp has scheduled the launch of its internet platform to take place within the next 12 months.

In a ComputerWorld article managing director and chief executive, Elmer Funke Kupper said, “Those [mobile and internet] investments will put Tabcorp at the forefront of the wagering technology on the internet and mobile devices and will allow us to compete with the best operators in the world,”. At least that must be the goal, the competition at the top certainly is healthy and fierce.

We can expect more and more companies to channel investments towards mobile gaming and online gambling, it’s as if the light switch just went on and people realized, “hey, there’s money to be made in this business”. Or perhaps, the reality is that online gambling and mobile gaming are growing so quickly that it’s getting to the point where companies can’t afford to be on the outside looking in.


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