Gibraltar online gaming employee arrested for fraud

Spanish Policia Nacional in La Linea have arrested a 32-year-old Italian in La Línea de la Concepción on fraud charges. The man known only as FC, who is described as an employee of an online gambling firm in Gibraltar, allegedly used his own cards to gamble and then filed a complaint that someone was using his card fraudulently to the tune of some 2,519 euros.

His scam almost worked. The cards were linked to bank accounts with Barclays Bank and Deutsche Bank and the Deutsche Bank had already repaid 1505 euros and Barclays had taken steps to return the rest of 1014 euros reported. But the scam artists checkered past caught up with him as it turns out he was involved in several other suspicions of fraud and other crimes.

It’s being assumed that his experience in the online gambling industry allowed him gain experience with inner workings on how cards are used for e-gambling. The fact that this criminal works in our industry shouldn’t be used to paint a picture of the rest of the reputable industry professionals that make the online gambling industry one of the best to be a part of. It’s becoming more and more important for online gaming operators to weed out the applicants of poor character and shady backgrounds from our industry, particularly as the industry continues to gain popularity and credibility and make headlines throughout major media outlets around the globe.