Battle of dirty lefties in ALCS Game 3

The Texas Rangers were finally able to win a post season game in the Ballpark in Arlington when they laid the boots to the Yankees in a 7-2 convincing win. With the series tied at 1-1, it now shifts to the Bronx for Game 3 of the ALCS. Short of Sandy Koufax in his prime, there’s only man on the planet the Rangers would want pitching this game will be starting, and that man is Cliff Lee.

Lee has never lost in the postseason and he’ll take his perfect 6-0 record into the Bronx zoo. Unlike other pitchers, Lee should be going into Yankee Stadium with confidence, after all, he did win two games there in last year’s World Series as a Philly.

For the Yankees, they’re starting perhaps the other dirtiest lefty in the postseason, in Andy Pettitte. Pettitte has the all time most wins in post season history with 19 and in his last outing, he looked vintage despite the long layoff.

This game is guaranteed to generate plenty of action for bettors who will be eager to watch and bet on which dirty lefty will get the job done tonight. MLB player props should be a hot item…How many strikeouts will Cliff Lee record? How many runs will Andy Pettitte give up?

You have to expect this game to be a low scoring affair with these two aces on the mound. But then again, in game one of the NLCS, Halladay and Lincecum combined to give up 7 runs, so go figure, I guess sometimes aces are wild. How many times will Lee dominate the Yankees? They’re too good hitters to not get to him at least once, but then again, Lee’s postseason stuff paints corners and changes speeds perfectly in the postseason, half of the time Molina doesn’t move his mit. Something eventually has to give as far as I see it, and I think the Yankees bring Lee back down to Earth tonight.